Luis Torrelles, a semi-finalist in the first LOS40 ‘Aygotuber’ competition

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Our Audiovisual Communication alumni member, Luis Torrelles, recently became a semi-finalist in the first ‘Aygotuber’ competition organised by a leading radio station in Spanish radio format, LOS40.  The radio station wanted to search for its next radio presenter among participants.  

Luis Torrelles, a semi-finalist in the first LOS40 ‘Aygotuber’ competition

Image: Luis Torrelles at LOS40 promotional video

On Thursday 24 November the LOS40 presenter Uri Sabat, announced on the Radiotubers programme the name of the four semi-finalists who were still in the ‘Aygotuber’ competition and these included our alumni member Luis Torrelles. He is a radio presenter and a dubbing actor. 

Users can vote until 28 November at 3pm to choose their favourite candidate.  The most voted candidate will automatically become the first finalist and the second will be chosen based on a consensus from the committee of wise people.  The two LOS40 ‘Aygotuber’ finalists will travel to Barcelona to show off their talent at the gala dinner for the LOS40 Music Awards on 1 December, when the winner of the first LOS40 ‘Aygotuber’ competition will be announced. 

Find out more about Luis Torrelles on his website