Magdalena Bosch gives a seminar at the University of Oxford

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One of our Professors from the Faculty of Humanities, Magdalena Bosch, was invited to the University of Oxford on 27 February to give a seminar entitled “The power of desire in Nicomachean Ethics”.

Magdalena Bosch gives a seminar at the University of Oxford

It was a research seminar, and was led by Professor Anna Marmodora, from Corpus Christi College. The organisers of this seminar invite speakers from outside Oxford and from universities around the world to speak on a weekly basis.  It is aimed at researchers, mostly doctoral.

The content of the session by Professor Bosch focused on the need to overcome the intellectualism that tends to be attributed to Aristotle. The idea behind this is that it is necessary to undertake a new reading of Nicomachean Ethics in which the forgotten value of the hopeful dimension of Aristotelian anthropology can be discovered.  “One crucial point - said the UIC Barcelona Professor -is to recognise the presence of desire in the intellectual part of the soul.  In other words, to recognise that there is a type of desire, call it willpower or love, which can be found in the highest part of the soul”.

Corpus Christi College was founded in the University of Oxford in 1517, as a centre for new learning.  For five centuries it has continued to be an institution that is committed to research and academic excellence.  The overall title for this particular seminar was “Power structuralism - metaphysics of Entanglement”.