Maria Pujol presents her research in Bergen (Norway)

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One of our professors from the Faculty of Education at UIC Barcelona presented a project on how to incorporate nature into education for Catalan children, during a NaChiLit research group conference. The conference took place in Bergen (Norway) on 26 and 27 October.

Maria Pujol presents her research in Bergen (Norway)

The research project is entitled “Studying contemporary children’s books in Catalan with poems featuring animals, using a nature celebration/problematisation and anthropocentric/biocentric horizon matrix”. Dr Pujol said, the objective is to “analyse the presence of nature in Catalan children’s illustrated bestiaries, using the NaChiLit matrix.  This is based on the parameters of the celebration or problematisation of nature, and of anthropocentric or biocentric perspectives of nature”.

NaChiLit (Nature in Children’s Literature) is a research group created by the Faculty of Education in Bergen University College.  This project is being led by Professor Nina Goga, who will welcome Dr Pujol Valls next semester during her research visit that will involve working with the NaChiLit group.  At the conference, Professor Pujol was able to meet the other members of the group and find out about their projects. 

To find more information about NaChiLit, you can click on the following link to access their blog.