Medicine and Nursing female university students from UIC Barcelona will travel to Beirut in the next few days

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Around twenty female students from our Medicine and Nursing degree programmes at UIC Barcelona will take advantage of the holidays for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception in order to get involved in a project for solidarity in Lebanon.  Specifically, they will travel to Beirut, and to the Al Fadhi Center in the Lebanese city of Chabrouh.

The “Lebanon Project” is an initiative set up by UIC Barcelona and the Gausac Cultural Association, and will take place between 3 and 11 December in the Lebanese Republic. Students will care for a person with disabilities from the morning through to the evening, at a camp in Chabrough. The idea is to pay attention to people who throughout the year are not very well cared for, so that they can become aware of the value of their life and their dignity. The lack of resources in Lebanese disability centres means that there is a ratio of 65 patients to each nurse, and it is for that reason that the Order of Malta decided to organise these camps.

Students who participate in the camp will have received some prior training and preparation over the last trimester. They will give a presentation on their experiences at the UIC Barcelona UNIV Forum that will be held in February next year.

The Gausac Cultural Association for women is a university association which was founded based on the aim of offering culture and training to university students in Sant Cugat del Vallés.