Montserrat Trapé: “The playing field for international taxation has changed”

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The UIC Barcelona alumnus and partner at KPMG Abogados, SLP analysed international taxation as part of the series of continuing education lectures on Law

Montserrat Trapé: “The playing field for international taxation has changed”

The second semester’s first continuing education lecture on Law revolved around the issue of current tax affairs. Under the title, “In which direction is international taxation heading? Challenges in a digital world”, the former UIC Barcelona student and partner at KPMG Abogados, SLP presented the keys to understanding the complexity of tax proceedings in the new digital paradigm of a fully globalised world.

Trapé highlighted the changes taxation has undergone in recent years, all of which have been influenced by the inclusion of concepts such as justice, ethics and reputation, which have never before appeared in companies’ fiscal dictionaries. Nonetheless, in a global world in which the borders between states are becoming increasingly blurred, taxation has ceased to be a secondary issue and has become a priority for corporate leaders.

According to Montserrat Trapé, the biggest challenge for companies and tax authorities is their ability to adapt to the new scenario, in which companies no longer need to be physically present in a country to engage in business. “For the first time, consumers can do more to help businesses grow than just make purchases”, remarked Trapé, who believes that this is the “source of the changes in international taxation and the new playing field”. That said, the lawyer and partner at KPMG Abogados, SLP also wanted to point out the challenge facing tax authorities, as she believes that “the current regulations make no provisions for a digital economy”.

The lecture took place in the Aula Magna and was attended by students from the various bachelor’s degrees in the Faculty of Law.