More than 960 new students start this academic year at UIC Barcelona

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UIC Barcelona welcomed more than 960 new students starting the 2018-2019 academic year yesterday. The Aula Magma hosted students starting their studies on the Barcelona campus in the morning and students from the Sant Cugat campus in the afternoon.

More than 960 new students start this academic year at UIC Barcelona

Following registration and distribution of material, Dr Xavier Gil, rector of UIC Barcelona, welcomed the attendees. The rector highlighted the quality of the Catalan university system, the importance of research to the university and the leading role students have at UIC Barcelona. “Without you, this would merely be a research centre or a technology centre. You are at the core of our project – here you are not just a number. At UIC Barcelona you will never be alone”. He encouraged them to participate in university activities and to communicate any areas for improvement they might come across during their time at university. 

Dr Zárate followed with a speech entitled “Being a university student” in which she set out the core values of UIC Barcelona: people, service, seeking the truth and professional ambition. “Sticking by these values is what defines a university student”, she stressed. The vice-rector also reminded the students of their luck to be attending university as only a small percentage of the world population have access to university studies, and society’s expectations of university students – to be of service. 

Before the break, Father Albert Ribot, chaplain on the Barcelona campus, and Father Pere Domingo, chaplain on the Sant Cugat campus, presented the Chaplaincy service in the morning and afternoon sessions, respectively. During the break, which took place in the campus gardens, the tradition of taking photos per degree was followed and the different groups were unveiled. 

Afterwards, a session on personal branding was led by Vicky García, head of Protocol and Natalio González, head of People Management. Dàmaris Gonzalo, Alumni of UIC Barcelona presented the Alumni and Professional Careers service, and Mònica Luque presented the International Mobility service. 

The day was brought to an end with the “Plan B” session, a talk held with students from other years who shared their experiences at the university with the attendees.

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