More than twenty Journalism and Audiovisual Communication students launch four radio programmes

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More than twenty students from the Faculty of Communication Sciences taking degree courses in Journalism and Audiovisual Communication have launched four radio programmes with the goal of putting into practice the knowledge they have acquired and expanding their experience in the world of radio.

Image: Picture on Facebook from the program "PostPartit" 

The first programme goes out under the title "Km 6.0" courtesy of second year journalist students Laura Juanes, Carla García, Carla Mercadal, Carla Hernández, Marta González and Silvia Martínez. The programme debates the present and future of the audiovisual industry and is structured around three elements: television, series and YouTube.
"PostPartit" (Post-Game) is a programme covering the latest news from the major soccer leagues by means of discussions and sports information. The team behind “PostPartit” are second-year Journalist students Marc Ballbé, Lucas Estela, Miguel Murcia, Gerard Cañelles and Marc Boixasa.
Another of the programmes is the one by Audiovisual Communication students María Cardoner, Patricia Pallarés, Beatriz Mayo and Lucía Esquerdo entitled "Cappuccino a las cinco" (Cappuccino at Five). This is broadcast in a magazine format aimed at covering subjects of interest to university students.
Lastly there is the “Cuenting Cuentos” (Telling Stories) project, an initiative by second year Audiovisual Communication students Belén González and Nadia Salmerón. As they explain in their own words, they “wanted to tell stories on the radio and it occurred to us that they should have a purpose that went beyond being merely technical: helping sick children who are hospitalised. It is true that there are volunteers and professionals who visit and spend time with them but we don't have that much time and we were also aware that neither of us was qualified to do it. Out of that came the motivation to create something for the children that belonged to them and that enabled them to have us on hand whenever they needed us. We decided to offer help through our passion and creativity.” At first it was just Belén and Nadia who started off, but soon more fellow students joined the initiative and now there are eleven contributors to “Cuenting Cuentos”. 
All these programmes are recorded in the radio studio of the Faculty of Communication Sciences which is available to all Faculty students.