The New Cyclins Research Group takes part in the 19th La Marató de TV3 Symposium

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The project “New Cyclins: Filling the void in cancer biology”, presented by the group led by Dr Josep Clotet, was one of the initiatives promoted with funds from the 2012 Marató de TV3 fundraiser.

On 4 June, the 19th La Marató de TV3 Symposium was held at the Institute for Catalan Studies. During the event, the results of the 42 projects that received financial support from the 2012 La Marató de TV3 were presented. These projects included the work carried out by the New Cyclins Research Group at UIC Barcelona, led by Dr Josep Clotet.

The aim of the project, entitled “New Cyclins: Filling the void in cancer biology”, is to understand the role of a group of proteins known as cyclins in the biology of some of society’s most relevant forms of cancer. Thanks to this study, it has been discovered that certain cyclins do play an important role in lung and colon cancer, with research now focusing on the molecular molecules that regulate them. In the words of Dr Clotet, “this project has helped us lay the foundations to discover new therapeutic substances for treating these diseases”.

The project supported by the La Marató de TV3 fundraiser corresponds to the line of research centred around the role of new cyclins in controlling the cell cycle of mammals.