New donation boosts the Carlos Pujol Personal Archive

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This documentation includes the letters which Pujol sent to Txema Aranaz, the editor of Pamiela and reviews of some of Pujol’s publications

The publishing house Pamiela has made a donation to the Carlos Pujol Personal Archive at UIC Barcelona with documentation on the writer extracted from their publishing archive.  This documentation includes the letters which Pujol sent to Txema Aranaz, the editor of Pamiela, to have his poems, stories, aphorisms and essays published by Pamiela. Since the writer also kept the letters he received from Aranaz, it will now be possible to reconstruct the collection of letters they exchanged, as well as the professional relationship and friendship the two maintained with one another. 

In addition to the letter correspondence, the publisher also donated dozens of press cuttings of news pieces and reviews on the publication and presentation of new books which Pujol published with Pamiela. Specifically, between 1988 and 2000, four poetry books, two aphorisms, two novels and a collection of literary critiques by Pujol were edited by the publishing house. The manuscript of one of the works submitted to the editor by the author, press releases and the text of the speeches given in the presentations have also been kept. 

This is the second donation by editors of Carlos Pujol, after Miguel Ángel del Arco, editor of Comares, gifted his correspondence with the writer, which has since been analysed in a Humanities Final Degree Project. These donations boost the personal archive of the writer, which was donated to UIC Barcelona by his family, and makes up the Carlos Pujol Personal Archive promoted by the Research Group “Carlos Pujol, literature and humanism”, coordinated by Dr Teresa Vallès, who wants to promote research into and visibility of the legacy of this writer.