A new edition of the Academic Excellence Programme is launched

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The new edition of the programme started on 15 September within the presentation of the new academic year and the consultancy projects which students will need to enter into the Consulting Competition at the end of the semester. 

A new edition of the Academic Excellence Programme is launched

For each area of consultancy there was a representative from each company who presented the briefing which students will have to work on in groups. 

Therefore, for the area of “Finance and investment strategy” the representative was Javier Gazulla, in charge of investment strategy at DiverInvest. The area of strategy and business development was covered by Víctor de Quadras, CEO and Marketing Director at The Bike Lab S.L.

Jordi Picas, Director of Fundación Intermedia and Director of Innovation at Suara Corporativa presented the area of social entrepreneurship based on the Tandem Social case.

Finally, Luis Jover, the programme director, presented the Novartis case for the fourth area which in this case was on the pharmaceutical sector.  

The speakers presented the challenges that involved the students having to work in teams throughout the semester, up until the start of the Consulting Competition which will take place on 15 December.

Among the activities involved in this first edition, students will have the opportunity to visit Mecalux, a multinational company from the industrial sector. Talks will also be given by speakers like José María Bardera, General Manager of Integrated Supply Chain Planning at Coca-Cola Iberian Partners of Coca-Cola; Paula Veciana, a consultant at Tandem Social; and J. De León from CaixaBank. 

About the Academic Excellence Programme (PEA) 

The PEA entitled “Building Bridges between Universities and Business” is an activity aimed at top Business Administration and Management (ADE) students which is being carried out for the second consecutive year at the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences. The aim is to bring the field of business closer to universities.  

The Programme is undertaken each academic year in two modules distributed over the two semesters.  Each module has five sessions which are dedicated to different areas of business management, in which invited executives participate.  The activity ends each semester with a consulting competition, for which students need to set up a “consultancy group” and provide a response to specific business challenges.