The new Office for Cooperation and Sustainable Development is founded

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The main aim of the new office is to coordinate and develop actions for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at UIC Barcelona.
The new Office for Cooperation and Sustainable Development is founded
UIC Barcelona has established the new Office for Cooperation and Sustainable Development which will replace the former Office of Sustainability. This new service, located on the Barcelona Campus, will continue to work to drive and coordinate sustainability across all the areas of University as well as to foster new actions to implement the various SDG.
The new office, through the UIC + Sostenible programme, will continue to organise training and environmental awareness workshops open to the entire university community, in addition to overseeing the UIC Barcelona Strategic Plan for Sustainability 2016-2022.
Among other roles, this new service will act as the institutional representation of the University in meetings on the SDGs at a local level (Barcelona), with the Autonomous Government (Catalan University System and the Generalitat), the Spanish government (Ministry meetings and the CRUE) and also at a European level. In addition, it will be responsible for studying and gathering information about the cooperation projects currently underway within the University and will initiate new ones.
The director of the new Office, Dr Silvia Albareda, together with the team formed by Mariona Vila, Carla Vidal, Sara del Valle and Paula Blanchart, will work in a coordinated manner in the areas of sustainability policies, university social responsibility, environmental management, teaching and research through the Sustainability Committee.