The number of our recognised research groups is growing

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26 research groups have been recognised by the Catalan Generalitat during the SGR 2017-2019 call. 

The aim of this call is to provide support to research groups undertaking research in Catalonia in various scientific areas with the aim of boosting their activity and scientific, economic and social impact, as well as promoting the international impact of the research.  

UIC Barcelona presented 26 groups and they all received official recognition.  That means 9 groups more than the number of groups that presented candidacies during the previous call.  Also, out of the new groups that put themselves forward as emerging groups, all received official recognition and three of them received a positive evaluation and will therefore receive funding.  

By area, communication, nursing and bioengineering each have an officially recognised research group for the first time. 

Other important information is that the School of Architecture has increased its officially recognised research groups from three to five; the department of Basic Sciences has gone from two to four, the Faculty of Humanities from two to three and the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences from one to three.  

Finally, in the departments/faculties of Law, Education, Medicine, Physiotherapy and Dentistry groups recognised during the previous call are now categorised as consolidated research groups.