The Opus Dei prelate, Monseigneur Fernado Ocáriz, sends a letter to the rector of UIC Barcelona

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At the end of January and on the occasion of the appointment of Monseigneur Fernado Ocáriz,as the Opus Dei prelate, the rector of the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Xavier Gil Mur, sent him a letter containing a few words to congratulate him on behalf of the academic institution as a whole.  

© Picture of Ismael Martínez Sánchez 

A few weeks later, the prelate responded:  “I really appreciate the congratulations you sent to me on the occasion of my appointment, while I also trust in your prayers to undertake my work at the forefront of the Opus Dei in the service of the Church.  Remembering the work and example set by Don Javier gives us the comforting feeling that he is helping us from heaven, along with Saint Josemaria and lay brother Álvaro. I entrust them with your current occupations and the results of your university work.

Monseigneur Ocáriz visited UIC Barcelona on 17 May 2008 with his precedessor, Monseigneur Javier Echevarria, at the closing session of the Family Conference. UIC Barcelona holds an agreement with the Opus Dei Prelature via which the spiritual guidance that it offers to its students and PAS and PDI staff is entrusted to this institution in the Catholic Church.