Pilar Lacorte gives the inaugural speech at the IV EASSE European Conference

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During the conference, organised by the European Association of Single-Sex Education, topics such as education in current society were covered, as well as managing a school as a brand, and the importance of being preceptial

Pilar Lacorte gives the inaugural speech at the IV EASSE European Conference
Berlin hosted the IV EASSE European Conference on 4 and 5 October. It was an event that brought together educators and professionals from the world of teaching. One of our professors from the Institute for Advanced Family Studies at UIC Barcelona, Pilar Lacorte, was in charge of giving the inaugural speech, with the following title “A solid education in a liquid society”. In her speech, Lacorte talked about the tangled web of education, family and school in today's society.  Jaume Camps, a lecturer from the Faculty of Education, also participated in the conference, on behalf of UIC Barcelona, where he presented various arguments in relation to single-sex education.  
Throughout the event, various talks and workshops were given by professionals including Miquel Rossy, brand director at the Family Education Institution; Dobrochna Lama, director of the TDJ Foundation; Lucía Capapé, associate director for pre-primary education at Entreolivos School; Barbara Schellenberger from the Mädchengymnasium Jülich Institute (Germany), and Heidi Burkhart, president of Stella International School (Austria). The various sessions allowed attendees to discover more in-depth information about projects and experiences that promote teacher training, innovation in the classroom and better education.  
The president of EASSE, Joan Curcó, closed the conference with a speech on “Academic planning and the context”, underlining the importance of ensuring the family and the school work together, since the latter is the cornerstone of children’s education.