Professions of the future, as predicted by experts working in Big Data, venture capital and production systems

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Graduates Alberto Arias, from Sushi Fresh; Jorge Lluch, from TravelPerk and Martina di Bari, from Microsoft participated in this after-work session organised by the faculty

Professions of the future, as predicted by experts working in Big Data, venture capital and production systems

Technology, artificial intelligence and business strategies to make processes more efficient and ensure that purchases are more tailored experiences are some of the keys to professions of the future.  Professions such as Big Data experts, representatives of alternative funding systems to banks or experts in efficient and personalised production systems for companies are on the rise.  

Precisely these three profiles were represented at the after-work session entitled The three keys to success in business today, organised by the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences in Imagincafe in Barcelona. The General Manager of Sushi Fresh, Alberto Arias; the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Traverlperk, Jorge Lluch, and the Technology Solutions Professional from Microsoft Martina Di Bari were the invited speakers for this session in which new profiles and new demands in companies were discussed. 

Arias, a graduate of our Executive Master’s Degree in Big Data Science and a data analysis expert, said that it is a fact that “a company’s data is everything, from those generated by Human Resources to finance departments” and that it is through the analysis of this data that “responses can be immediate” which also allows you to “save many hours of work per week and time is money”.  

The CCO of Travelperk and a lecturer on the Executive Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurial Financing, Jorge Lluch, underlined the importance of knowing how to manage investments, and how funding channels that are alternatives to traditional funding such as risk capital and private equity work.  “If you want a return, you should go for these types of funding channels” he said.  

Di Bari explained that after the year and a half she has spent working at Microsoft she has been able to verify that education is fundamental in order to be able to remain up to date in terms of what is new in the labour market and be able to offer the best to clients.  Di Bari, who is in charge of managing business processes and helping companies in the area of digital transformation is also a graduate of our University Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Production Systems.