Professor Maria Domingo presents two papers at a conference in Dublin

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At the end of August, one of our Professors from the Faculty of Education, Maria Domingo Coscollola, along with other professors and lecturers from the UB and the UOC, participated in the European Educational Research Association: ECER 2016 Leading Education: The Distinct Contributions of Educational Research and Researchers conference. 

Professor Maria Domingo presents two papers at a conference in Dublin

Juana M. Sancho (UB), Maria Domingo (UIC Barcelona) and Adriana Ornellas (UOC) presented a paper entitled “Current School and Youth Cultures as Potentially Conflicting Learning Contexts” as a result of a research project. The research project was entitled “Vivir y aprender con nuevos alfabetismos dentro y fuera de la escuela secundaria: aportaciones para reducir el abandono, la exclusión y la desafección escolar de los jóvenes” [Learn and Live with New Types of Literacy Inside and Outside Secondary School: Provisions to Reduce School Drop Out, Exclusion and School Disaffection among Young People].  In the paper the authors analysed young people’s learning inside and outside secondary schools.

For the Curriculum Innovation section of the conference, Juana M. Sancho (UB), Maria Domingo (UIC Barcelona) and Judit Onsés (UB) presented another paper entitled  “Implementing the DiY Philosophy in Primary Classrooms: Possibilities and Tensions”.

This paper was the result of a European project entitled:  DIYLab –Do It Yourself in Education–, and in this second edition, the authors talked about the introduction of substantial changes to teaching and learning processes and what it means to rethink learning in the contemporary world. They also discussed the notions of knowledge that are either considered (or not) and assessment far beyond tests using a “paper and pencil”.