UIC Barcelona organises Radio Day with Catalunya Ràdio, RAC1 and RAC105

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The show APM? was broadcast live from Passeig de la Fontana following the activities organised for the students. The DJ Plusniners was in charge of the after-party.

On Friday 5 April, Passeig de la Fontana on the Barcelona Campus filled with music, fun and, first and foremost, radio. The team from APM? on Catalunya Ràdio gave a live broadcast of their show, turning a normal day into a morning full of surprises and laughter.

To start with, a live feed was set up with Guillem Estadella from the show Fricandó Matiner on RAC105. Afterwards, a radio spot creation workshop was organised by RAC1.

Following the live broadcast of the show APM? from Catalunya Ràdio, the event came to an end with music from Plusniners, the resident disc jockey on Club 105, who brought this high entertaining day to a close.