Ramón Jáuregui (PSOE): “Everything that is ahead of us requires a strong Europe”

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The socialist MEP gave a talk at UIC Barcelona to tackle the future of Europe and its economic, political, social and legal challenges.

Ramón Jáuregui (PSOE): “Everything that is ahead of us requires a strong Europe”

At UIC Barcelona the MEP and former minister for the Presidency of the Spanish Socialist Worker’s Party (PSOE) Ramón Jáuregui, analysed the future of Europe in a talk during which he stated that “everything that is ahead of us requires a strong Europe”. 

On Tuesday 15 May Jáuregui indicated that “in recent years we have been experiencing a perfect storm” in reference to the financial crisis and the migration crisis, or “people fleeing war” which have caused a rise in xenophobic movements and Brexit, among other issues. 

In relation to this latter point, the socialist MEP underlined the fact that difficulties caused by negotiations for the removal of the United Kingdom from the EU have had a dissuasive impact on other member states and said that “none of them would like to have the same experience”. 

In relation to negotiation, Jáuregui reminded us that there are 287 border crossings between Ireland and the United Kingdom as the result of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, which established an open border between the two territories. This has now become endangered by the Brexit process.  

“There are people who say that the United Kingdom should remain in the customs union to prevent a ‘hard border’, but if they do stay they will have to end internal controls”. 


Despite everything, the socialist said that “The European Union has remained united” in terms of negotiation and also said that the challenges of the future in his opinion should involve an ambitious and stronger financial framework, a more harmonious fiscal policy, overcoming nationalistic movements and the fight against inequality.  

He also underlined the need to have “a Europe that is capable of fighting terrorism” and to continue the fight against climate change as a priority despite the US having withdrawn from the Iran nuclear deal.  “Trump has humiliated us”, said the MEP.