UIC Barcelona, among the top three most transparent Catalan universities

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The “Report on Voluntary Transparency on the Internet Among Spanish Universities 2016” by the Commitment and Transparency Foundation categorises UIC Barcelona as one of the three most transparent Catalan universities for the second year running.  

UIC Barcelona, among the top three most transparent Catalan universities

UIC Barcelona is listed just behind the University of Vic-Central University of Catalonia and the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.

As can be seen in the report, UIC Barcelona matches 17 of the total indicators, and for that reason is placed in the group of  translucent universities, and the other universities match at least 15. Our university therefore maintains its position in the group of translucent universities, which represent 39% of the total. Universities categorised as transparent represent 15%, and opaque universities the remaining 46%. According to the report, our university “stands out since it prioritises the publication of its results, thus matching all the indicators in that area: research, academic, satisfaction, ranking classification, publications by students who are abroad and data on graduate employability”. 

The Foundation understands voluntary transparency on the internet to be “the effort to disseminate and publish important information about the organisation, making it visible and accessible to all the interest groups in a comprehensive and up to date manner”.

This time, the Foundation did not analyse public universities. This is because, as the institution itself explains, last year these universities achieved high levels of transparency according to the indicators provided in the report. These indicators take into account the publication on institutional websites of fields such as mission, organisational bodies, qualifications, staff, strategic plan and research.