The research group Maternity and Academia gets together at UIC Barcelona

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UIC Barcelona hosted a meeting for members of the research group Maternity and Academia, which was formed in the name of the Inter-University Council of Catalonia’s Women and Science committee.

The research group Maternity and Academia gets together at UIC Barcelona
Participating in the initiative are Esteve Arboix (AQU-Catalunya), Mara Dierssen (CERCA centres), Consuelo León (UIC Barcelona), Victòria Miquel Martí (Agency for Management of University and Research Grants, AGAUR) and Anna María Pla Boix (University of Girona). It aims to analyse the factors that positively and negatively influence professional progression for female scientists who are also mothers.  
In order to assess the current situation, the group are analysing data provided by AQU Catalunya, the legal report from the Catalan Women’s Institute, the recent report published by Xarxa Vives and several other studies carried out by teaching and research staff from various Catalan universities.
The subject of protecting both maternity and paternity in AQU assessment procedure has already been broached by the Research Assessment Commission (CAR) and responds to the regulatory framework -Law 17/2015 of 21 July, on effective equality between women and men- which refers to the duty to guarantee the gender perspective and non-discrimination because of maternity. 
Other international initiatives such as that being led by the European Research Council, or the sixth-year deferral proposed by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, which is applicable throughout Spain, should also be recognised.