Research projects as the theme at the IV Conference on Teaching Humanities in Secondary Education

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The Faculty of Humanities recently organised the fourth edition of the Conference on Teaching Humanities in Secondary Education along with the Official Society of Doctors and Holders of Degrees in Philosophy and Literature of Catalonia. 

This year’s edition of the Conference was dedicated to research projects.  More than 40 teachers from upper secondary education both in state and private schools shared their experiences and successful cases about how to guide students when they are undertaking a humanities research project.

Over the two day conference, the teachers had round tables and talks on topics such as:  what a research project is and is not; research projects on philosophy or how to introduce research into literature and language classes, among others. On Saturday a project entitled Gust i Passió per Investigar was also presented, as well as the  Arnau de Vilanova Concurso Preuniversitario de UIC Barcelona awards for research projects.