Sanofi and UIC Barcelona create the Real World Evidence Chair

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The main objective of this new chair is to identify research programmes that help better understand the needs of the health industry and patients

UIC Barcelona and Sanofi have joined forces in efforts to encourage a better understanding of the healthcare system with the creation of the Real World Evidence Chair, which focuses on observational studies with real data from daily clinical practice. These studies make it possible to, among other things, assess illness costs and treatment efficiency (costs, benefits and risks), compare the effectiveness of different treatments and measure the outcomes of long-term interventions.

The Real World Evidence Chair, directed by Dr Toni Mora, vice-rector for Research, Innovation and Knowledge Transfer at UIC Barcelona, and Dr Marta Trapero-Bertran, lecturer and researcher at the same university, “will help establish assessment and rationalisation criteria that facilitate decision-making with regards to healthcare policy”.

On the other hand, Dr María Jesús Alsar, director of the Market Access Department at Sanofi, believes that “this kind of research will help increase knowledge of the progression of the pathologies analysed and the value of the treatments used, from both a clinical and economic perspective”. 

The research programmes undertaken will be highly useful for anyone in charge of designing policies or strategies for making decisions and planning budgets within the healthcare field, and also for the academic community and society in general.