Several lecturers from UIC Barcelona present their studies at the AESLA Conference

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More specifically, the two papers presented in this edition were focused on language.

Five lecturers and researchers from the Institute for Multilingualism at UIC Barcelona recently presented two papers at the 37th edition of the International Conference of the Spanish Society for Applied Linguistics (AESLA), which took place at the University of Valladolid from 27-29 March.

During the event, lecturers Helena Roquet, Noelia Navarro, Natalia Evintskaya and Júlia Barón presented their study “The role of pragmatics in classroom discourse: The case of pre-primary education”. “In this project, we analysed the pragmatic production of pre-primary education teachers in their mother language and second language”, explained Dr Barón.

Lecturers Mandy Deal and Júlia Barón, for their part, presented a study entitled “But she’s my mother too: Exploring pragmatics in role-plays”. In the paper, the two lecturers explored the interaction between learners of English as a foreign language in the context of role-play.

The aim of the conference, organised this year under the title “Bilingualism and Languages in Contact”, was to take an in-depth look at the various dimensions of bilingualism through the methodologies and theoretical proposals used by the different researchers.