The Tate Gallery’s Jesse Ringham Explains How to Communicate Art

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On Thursday, 5 March 2015, Jesse Ringham, Digital Communications Manager at the Tate Gallery, came to the UIC Barcelona to give a talk to Arts and Cultural Management students from the Faculty of Humanities. Ringham discussed the secret to the Tate’s online and social-networking success.

The Tate Gallery’s Jesse Ringham Explains How to Communicate Art

During the talk, which formed part of the Cultural Marketing programme led by lecturer and audiovisual producer Christoph Pasour and lecturer Alba Colombo, Jesse Ringham explained the evolution of the Tate Gallery’s media management through social networks, which he has headed for five years.

“Our Facebook and Twitter have gained over 3 million followers”, Ringham said. He continued, “The advent of self-publishing platforms like blogs, Flickr, Instagram and YouTube has marked an important change for the Internet”.

Ringham said, “When new technologies are well-managed, they pave the way for increased interaction between the user and the institution. They’ve been our best tool for maintaining, building and expanding the breadth of the Tate Gallery’s audience. They help us grow today’s audience and build tomorrow’s.”

All these changes respond to the subject of Ringham’s talk, the Tate Social Media Communication Strategy 2011-2012, the fruit of the last few years’ labour.

Jesse Ringham studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art and currently heads communications strategy for the Tate Gallery’s various venues. He attempts to implement good digital practice in all of the organization’s departments in order to reach a wider audience.