Those in charge of Big Data in 'la Caixa' and Oracle participate in a workshop on Text Mining at UIC Barcelona

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Víctor Manchado, Director of Information Management Systems, Governance BigData & RDA in "la Caixa" and Jordi Trill, BigData & Core Tech Business Development Manager at Oracle, participate in the "Workshop de introducción a técnicas de Text Mining con lenguaje R” [Workshop on an Introduction to Text Mining Techniques with R Language] organised by the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences. 

The workshop was highly practical.  The participants and speakers analysed a documentary corpus consisting of tweets from the previous day, which they could extract knowledge from. Led by the invited speakers as well as the Professors for the Executive Master’s Degree in Big Data Science, they studied frequent words, the association between them, and identified whether there were thematic groups as well as topics of interest. They also learned how to undertake certain visualisations and talked together about the interpretation of the results.

These Text Mining techniques, which are very useful nowadays to discover insights into groups of texts which form part of the data ecosystem (social networks, user commentary, emails, open text fields in questionnaires, etc.), but people often do not take full advantage of them.

UIC Barcelona offers an Executive Master’s Degree in Big Data in cooperation with ÁMBITO School. This Master’s degree provides the knowledge to analyse large volumes of data from a statistical basis. The objective is also to understand new ICT architecture and technology for mass parallel processing for microdata analysis.