Two Journalism Students Interview Candidate Artur Mas

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Amanda Luesma and Cristina Vizcaíno, students in the UIC Bachelor's Degree Programme in Journalism, interviewed Artur Mas along with 22 other university students for the Catalan newspaper «El Punt Avui».

Two Journalism Students Interview Candidate Artur Mas

The interview was part of a special series by El Punt Avui during the political campaign. Students from
Catalan universities interviewed candidates in the 2012 Catalan parliamentary elections
in an unprecedented experience. The interviews were published in the newspaper
and broadcast by the Local Television Network in Catalonia between 14 and 23
November 2012. A total of nearly 200 students participated in the interviewing
process in groups of 20 to 25 young men and women. Most of the students were
from bachelor's degree programmes related to journalism and communication,
though there were also some from business administration, medicine, engineering
and other degree programmes.

Amanda Luesma and Cristina Vizcaíno, two UIC students in
the Bachelor's Degree Programme in Journalism from the Faculty of Communication
Sciences, were among the participants. They interviewed Artur Mas in the Palau de la Generalitat, the seat of the
Catalan government. Luesma asked him about the amount of money spent by
television stations and the public money that has been invested in the media. Vizcaíno asked about the future
of Catalonia as an independent state if Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy were to accept the
fiscal agreement.

During the interviews, the students transmitted to the
candidates not just their concerns, but also some reflections on the debate
that the candidates themselves admitted they had not considered. The
relationship between Catalonia and Spain was one of the students’ main concerns,
but the questions posed to the candidates also revealed the students' interest in
policy proposals regarding social and economic issues, including those
affecting university life and fees.