The UIC, Althaia, fHAG, Quirón and HGC Share Research Areas at Seminar

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On Wednesday afternoon, 7 March 2012, the second LINK research seminar was held at the UIC's Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. The aim of the event was to present information on the projects that are being carried out at the UIC and at the university and associated medical centres with which the faculty has agreements.

The UIC, Althaia, fHAG, Quirón and HGC Share Research Areas at Seminar

In addition to members of the Dentistry and Medicine and Health Sciences faculties, representatives from the Hospital Asil de Granollers Foundation, the Althaia de Manresa Hospital Network, the Hospital General de Catalunya and Quirón Hospital in Barcelona were also present.

Approximately 30 people gave presentations at the seminar, all of which were well-prepared and of excellent quality. Throughout the afternoon each speaker spoke briefly about the essentials of their respective research areas and the projects that have arisen from them, in addition to the scientific publications of greatest general interest that have been published as a result.

Around 50 medical professionals participated actively in the seminar, which successfully created new links for collaboration and generated potential synergies between the university and the medical centres.

The main objective of the LINK©seminars that the UIC regularly organizes is to enable the exchange of experiences between professionals with a view to improving the quality of their work. On this occasion, the seminar was held within a context of excellence in research and the willingness to work as part of a network and share experiences.