UIC Barcelona attends the tribute paid to the founder of the oldest advertising agency in Europe

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The vice-dean of the Faculty, Elisa Regadera, and lecturer Carol Serra attended the celebration organised by Roldós Media

Number 5 of Carrer Escudellers in Barcelona was the birthplace of the oldest advertising agency in Europe: Roldós Media. The person behind the project was Rafel Roldós, who in 1872 decided to take the risk to open a business venture, which had been completely unheard of until then. This move would radically change the way in which companies communicated with their customers. That is still true even today. 

100 years ago today, a visionary in the world of communications passed away, and this October, the centenary of his death was commemorated in a celebration which included the presence of the vice-dean of the Faculty, Elisa Regadera, and lecturer Carol Serra, representing UIC Barcelona. 

The tribute, which took place in Hotel Catalonia in Barcelona, was attended by employees, family members, customers, suppliers and media outlets. One of the foremost attendees was José Manuel Casasnovas Roldós, great-grandson of the first Spanish advertiser and patron of the 2018 graduation ceremony for the Faculty of Communication Sciences at UIC Barcelona.

If you want to find out more about the history of the agency, BTV has published a TV report featuring Faculty lecturer and member of the board of directors at Roldós Media, Carol Serra.