UIC Barcelona holds Promise events to welcome new graduates to the Alumni community

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During the events, organised by Alumni & Careers, the students received their graduation photographs and yearbooks

UIC Barcelona holds Promise events to welcome new graduates to the Alumni community
The Promise COM’19 Afterwork Event took place in the Hotel Ohla Eixample

This year, UIC Barcelona played host to 10 Promise events, which served to welcome into the Alumni community 467 graduates from the following degree programmes: Audiovisual Communication, Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations, Medicine, Physiotherapy, Dentistry, Nursing, Pre-Primary and Primary Education, Architecture and Law. 

The events were also used to distribute among the recent graduates the Promers bracelet, which included a pen drive containing an electronic copy of their graduation photo and yearbook, which has different names depending on the faculty: Vademècum Medcina (Medicine), Vadenursing (Nursing), Vademecum Dental (Dentistry), Vademestres (Education), Vadefisio (Physiotherapy), Arquitectos (UIC Barcelona School of Architecture), Comunicación (Communication Sciences), Humanidades (Humanities), B-ADE de mi promoción (Economic and Social Sciences) and Ley orgánica de mi promoción (Law). 

The Promise events held for graduates in Architecture, Communication, Business Administration and Management and Law also featured a new element: the Pronaos, an ephemeral architectural structure created by two Architecture alumni: José Luis Cisneros and Joan Casals, from the studio Ágora Arquitectos. This structure symbolises the transition from the university world to the professional world. The Promers, or new graduates, took part in this symbolic act by recording a video from inside the structure, leaving a visual record of the moment and talking about their future job prospects. 

Particularly relevant were the events organised by the faculties of Communication Sciences, Economic and Social Sciences and Law. Under the name Promise Afterwork Event, these events brought the business world to the University. As a result, recruiters from some of the faculties’ main corporate partners were on hand during the refreshments/networking part at the end of each event. 

The Promise COM’19 Afterwork Event took place in the Hotel Ohla Eixample. In attendance were the director of Havas Media Barcelona, Marta Coll, and the director of Arena Media Barcelona, Àngels Escobar, who together gave the keynote speech on talent in the communications industry. 

The Promise ADE’19 and DER’19 Afterwork Events, on the other hand, were organised at Banco Mediolanum’s main offices in Barcelona. Here, the keynote address was delivered by the head of Commercial Communication for Banco Mediolanum and TEDX speaker, Luca Lazzarini, who spoke about “attitude as a pillar of professional excellence and ‘razoptimismo’ as a way of looking towards the future”. The Promers from the business world were accompanied by recruiters from Banco Mediolanum, Panaro Audit, MediaMarkt Iberia, Mapfre, Geox Respira, MRW, Nautal, Condis and PIMEC; as well as from KPMG, EY, ECIJA Abogados, Amat Vidal Quadras Advocats, Cuatrecasas, the Barcelona Criminal Court, Brugueras and Alcántara & García-Bragado.