UIC Barcelona moves the Faculty of Education to Sant Cugat del Vallès

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UIC Barcelona’s Faculty of Education will be relocated to the Sant Cugat Campus during the 2018-2019 academic year. The reason: to offer students a space that allows for cutting-edge teaching training and meets the needs for innovation in 21st-century education.

UIC Barcelona moves the Faculty of Education to Sant Cugat del Vallès

The Sant Cugat Campus (located inside Hospital General de Catalunya) has a floor area of 18,356 m2 and is home to 47 classrooms and seminar rooms, facilities with the latest technology, six gymnasiums and a new library with room for 322 students.

According to the dean of the Faculty of Education, Esther Jiménez, the move will be positive for the training of future teachers: “We’re convinced this change will enhance their training. The Education students will share the space with psychologists, physiotherapists, doctors, nurses, dentist and bioengineers. Professionals with who we will be able to explore the needs of inclusive schools and share progress in neuroscience related to learning and education. All of this will be a highly enriching experience for students”.

The relocation of the faculty, currently located on Carrer de Terré on the Barcelona Campus, will not be carried out immediately, but will take place midway through the 2018-2019 academic year, after ensuring that the facilities are fully adapted to the needs of the Faculty of Education.

Next year will also mark the start of the new Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. The university is firmly committed to linking Education and Psychology, with content shared between the two programmes.

In addition to teaching, the move will also promote the faculty’s research in the field of innovation and encourage synergies with other areas of knowledge, such as health, neuroscience and psychology, which are so important in the field of Education.