UIC Barcelona participates in the creation of the Aprenc idiomes website

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The Secretary of Universities and Research, in cooperation with all the Catalan universities, recently launched the new website Aprenc idiomes, in the creation of which UIC Barcelona was involved. The aim of the portal is to promote and facilitate third-language learning.

The new website is primarily intended for university students in Catalonia and contains a series of services and electronic resources geared towards autonomous language learning. It also provides information and documentation on the various language learning options available to the students at a university level.

Some of the website’s main sections include: grants and scholarships; resources; guides and activities for supplementing language learning; and language tools for students going abroad or international students coming to study in Catalonia. There is also a section with specific resources for university teaching staff.

The content of the portal has been developed by a number of Catalan universities, and UIC Barcelona contributed to its creation through the Institute for Multilingualism.

This website is accessible at https://www.aprencidiomes.cat/.