UIC Barcelona Receives First Accreditation Certificates and Seals of Quality from AQU Catalunya

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On Thursday, 21 May 2015, the accreditation certificates and seals of quality for bachelor’s and master’s degrees granted by AQU Catalunya were formally awarded at the Pedrera Auditorium to the UIC Barcelona’s Faculties of Economic and Social Sciences, Education, Humanities and Medicine.

Several universities received their first accreditation certificates at the ceremony and the UIC Barcelona was particularly well represented. Notably, the UIC’s degrees in Medicine, Preschool and Primary Education, Humanities and Cultural Studies were the first Catalan programmes in their fields to be accredited.

To renew accreditation and receive a seal of quality, the UIC Barcelona’s programmes had to meet or exceed the criteria set by an external evaluation committee, which monitored conformity by way of document analysis, visits and interviews with students, teaching staff, employees and managers.

The accreditation process will continue throughout the coming year and a half, when visits and inquiries will focus on the Faculties of Law, Communication Sciences and Dentistry, as well as the ESARQ School of Architecture and the Physiotherapy and Nursing Departments.