UIC Barcelona supports talent, starting with this year’s Christmas card

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This year we wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas in a different way.  As part of the project entitled “At UIC Barcelona we support talent”, the designer Mar de la Llave created the Christmas card sent out by our university.

“At UIC Barcelona we support talent” is a project that consists of various initiatives, the first of which is this year’s Christmas card, created by designer Mar de la Llave. It is an original digital collage piece, measuring 40 × 40 cm.

The fact this young designer was chosen is the result of a project she created to complete her degree in Graphic Design, SanctaSanctorum, via which, as she says herself, she was aiming to “in some way, find a “transgressive” and “innovative” method for designing traditional religious cards”.  In the interview published in +1. Adding stories, De la Llave talks about how the project began and how she sees design and art in general.

The “At UIC Barcelona we support talent” project will involve working with various artists and connecting them to the university. The idea behind this is to promote other initiatives in the search for talent.