UIC Barcelona welcomes 905 students who are starting their university studies this year

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Under this year’s motto “this could be the start of a great story starting right here and now” Students Services organised a welcome session aimed at new students for the 2017-2018 academic year.  In the morning there was a session for students on our Barcelona campus and in the afternoon, for health sciences students, on our Sant Cugat campus.

UIC Barcelona welcomes 905 students who are starting their university studies this year

The rector of the university, Xavier Gil, encouraged all the students to take full advantage of their time here, not only in terms of being good students, but also in terms of personal growth. Therefore, in line with this year’s welcome motto, he invited students to write their own story here at UIC Barcelona.

Afterwards, Belén Zárate, vice-rector for the university community, gave a talk entitled “Being a university student”. Zárate offered them a kaleidoscopic perspective as a metaphor for all the different stories that each of the newly arrived students will create.  “What we see in a kaleidoscope is different each time; just like each person’s own story”.  On the other hand, Belén Zárate, Vice-Rector of the University Community, described the values of the university: the importance of people, the search for truth, social commitment and professional prestige.

During the session, the Chaplaincy Service, Student Services, Library and Documentation and International Relations gave a presentation on each of their departments. After a break and a group photo, a round table was held which involved various students describing their own experiences at UIC Barcelona.

The event ended with a talk on “Personal Branding” by Beth Borés, image consultant and founder of ACC Imagen

Sessió de Benvinguda 17-18