GRC - Research Group in Treatment for the Orofacial Patient

This group concentrates on a line of research entitled "Treatment of the oral and maxillofacial patient". The aim of this research group is to research and develop techniques, protocols and procedures which improve the quality of life of patient who, due to trauma, tumours, congenital or developmental issues, have functional and/or aesthetic anatomical disabilities.

Along these lines we specifically underline the treatment of maxillofacial deformities, the surgical management of sleep apnea and the treatment of maxillary defects and atrophies and how to treat them.

Each member of the team is an expert in different areas which our research involves, and some of them are international opinion leaders in their field.

Our treatments are carried out in a multidisciplinary field in cooperation with various institutions such as the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya on its Sant Cugat campus, where dentistry and medicine are located along with research and regenerative medicine laboratories, and the Institute of Bioethics, the University Institute for Patient and the Maxillofacial Institute at the Teknon Medical Centre in Barcelona, where academic and work placement agreements are in place. It is for that reason that this research group publishes and disseminates international publications based on our research results.