GRE - Research Group in Biomaterials for Tissue Regeneration

The Biomaterials for Tissue Regeneration group is a multidisciplinary group that combines aspects of chemistry, engineering, biology, physics and medicine.

The objective of the Bioengineering Institute of Technology group is to develop biomaterials and gadgets that can stimulate regeneration processes for damaged tissue. The research aims to disguise regeneration at each of its stages, making use of materials, molecules and cells.  In order to do so, it uses existing information about biological processes that occur during tissue regeneration.

The research is divided into four main lines:

  1. Substrates for the regeneration of biomaterial tissue and substrates that are capable of guiding cells to specific cell lineages.
  2. Systems for biomolecular/cell liberation
    • Biomaterials that allow for the liberation of multiple therapeutic molecules and/or ions or molecules that encapsulate cells, allowing signalling molecules to be liberated into the surrounding tissue.
  3. Cell therapy
    • Systems that have diagnostic and therapeutic characteristics that arise simultaneously.
  4. Dental materials
    • Modification of the superficial and morphological properties of dental implants to improve bone fusion ability.