Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

GRPC - Research into new Cyclins


The Research into New Cyclins Group is an interdisciplinary group which received recognition between 2014 and 2016. The aim of this group is to look more in-depth into knowledge of cyclins, key proteins that control the cell cycle, to find out about the role they play in the cell proliferation of S. cerevisiae. Over the past few years this group has made the leap into more applied research, introducing studies of cell lines using culture liquid and the analysis of patient’s tumours, in order to study the cell cycle from a more applied point of view, in relation to cancer.   

The groups scientific activities have been endorsed by numerous publications with an international impact, participation in conferences and training in research.  

The group’s main challenges are as follows: 

  1. To characterise the main properties of “atypical cyclins” or new human cyclins (Area of the Cell Cycle in mammals and yeasts). 
  2. To discover the role that new cyclins play in cancer (Area of Oncology). 
  3. To apply new knowledge about yeast biology to microbiome studies of infectious diseases (Area of Clinical Microbiology).