GRC - Research Group in Community based Urbanism

Urban development is facing large challenges due to rapid, massive and unequal urbanisation. Within this context, this research group explores inter-scale and social-spatial methodologies to promote urban transitions. The aim is to take advantage of the ability of communities to promote sustainable results. The Community based urbanism research group includes two lines of research.

The first one, the Regeneration of Intermediate Landscapes, is coordinated by Pere Vall-Casas, and covers:

  1. A methodology for the participatory regeneration of landscapes, including the identification of social values, decision-making and joint solutions.
  2. The implications of this methodology in terms of teaching architecture, and
  3. The impact of the social use of landscape on the wellbeing of citizens.

The second one, Post-Emergency Community Resilience, coordinated by Carmen Mendoza, has a transdisciplinary focus in terms of remaining up to date and post-disaster/conflict situations on an urban scale. It is specifically aimed at:

  1. The inclusive integration of urban refugees.
  2. Reconstructing and upgrading buildings.
  3. Community resilience to achieve sustainable urbanisation.

The Community based urbanism research group consists of architects from the Area of Design and Urbanism and the Area of Cooperation in the UIC Barcelona School of Architecture. The The Community based urbanism research group is characterised by a clear methodological vocation and the transfer of results to both communities and public administration. The Community based urbanism research group was recognised as an Emerging Research Group during the SGR call in 2013.  Since then, postdoctoral research staff have joined the group and competitive scientific projects have been carried out such as the "Marc de presa de decisions per a la rehabilitació participativa dels corredors urbans" (RecerCaixa 2015), as well as consultancy research and national and international publications linked to the University Master's Degree in International Cooperation: Sustainable Emergency Architecture.

Lines of Research

  • Regeneration of Intermediate Landscapes
  • Post-Emergency Community Resilience