Attend a Class

Attend a Class

This is a unique opportunity to experience a university experience at first hand

The Faculty of Law, the School of Architecture and the Faculty of Communication Sciences will give you the opportunity to attend one of their classes. Experience the sensation of being a UIC Barcelona student for a day by attending a class along with the students already in the programme as well as the best professionals.

You can attend a class of:

  • Law
  • Architecture
  • Audiovisual Communication
  • Advertising and Public Relations
  • Journalism

Who can participate?

Baccalaureate (upper-secondary) pupils who are interested in doing one of the degrees. 


UIC Barcelona
Campus Barcelona
Immaculada, 22
08017 - Barcelona

More information

Law Sessions

Cristina Vallès
+34 93 254 18 00

Architecture Sessions

Pablo Sánchez
93 254 18 00

Communication Sessions

Ágata Diego
+34 93 254 18 00