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Networked Journalistic Projects

Networked Journalistic Projects
Second semester
Main language of instruction: Catalan

Other languages of instruction: Spanish

Teaching staff

By appointment.


In this course we will learn what it takes to create a journalistic network project. We will see which are the distinctive features of internet as a medium, we will analyze the changes that the Internet has contributed to the business model of the media, and we will review the elements involved in a journalistic project network and discover the role of social networks. In addition, we will see which are the opportunities offered by the enterprising journalism and learn how to create an online project with the publishing tool WordPress.

Pre-course requirements



  • 07 CG - The ability to confront difficulties and resolve problems
  • 20 CE - The ability to plan and carry out journalistic projects
  • 27 CE - The ability to understand and work with different agents of the journalistic profession
  • 28 CE - The ability to understand and apply production and editing techniques for newspaper, radio, television and Internet
  • 29 CE - The ability to understand and apply different journalistic genres and formats
  • 35 CE - Knowledge and mastery of the digital culture
  • 39 CE - Knowledge and mastery of multimedia messages
  • 45 CE - The ability and capacity to give a creative form to a journalistic message

Learning outcomes

The students:

1. Will develop journalistic or communication projects in Internet, in coherence with the structural reality of the sector.

2. Will manage with ease video editing software, audio, web pages and graphic editing.

3. Will know how to use the graphic resources in journalistic and communication projects.


Mòdul 1: Redacció per a mitjans digitals 
Rocío Montuenga

Mòdul 2: Models de negoci i tendències en l'entorn digital
Divendres, professor Carlos González   1. Tendencias de los medios de comunicación en el entorno digital 2.- Arquitectura de la información, diseño y usabilidad 3.- Audiencia en Internet 4.- Publicidad digital 5. Modelos de negocio en los medios de comunicación digitales 6.- Redes sociales 7.- Charla: sesión proyecto de una nueva app de contenidos pensada para jóvenes 8.- Nuevos formatos digitales y tendencias 9.- Charla: estudio de diseño gráfico con focus en el entorno digital y apps     

Teaching and learning activities

In person

Focused Praxis. Handing in occasional exercises to learn theory through practice.
Lab. Working groups that combine theory and practice. The aim of these is not to undertake already known techniques, but instead to make progress that is both theoretical and technical. These Lab sessions will culminate in the creation of a professional or semi-professional product.
Lectures. In lectures, lecturers/professors not only transmit content or knowledge, but also, and above all else, attitudes, motivation, skills and values, etc. They also ensure that participants can express their opinions and arguments to the other students.