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Education II: the Fundamentals and History of Education

Education II: the Fundamentals and History of Education
Second semester
Main language of instruction: Catalan

Other languages of instruction: Spanish

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Professional activity, like our personal life, involves morality and personal responsibility. Ethics seeks to reflect on this by providing concepts and a framework for moral behaviour. Formally, ethics is the branch of philosophy that considers what is good and bad in human life and which actions are right or wrong. In a more general sense, ethics tries to determine how we ought to live.

In this course we will firstly explore the history of ethical thought. Secondly, we will discuss some key ethical concepts and issues that can help to shape sound moral reasoning and correct behaviour in professional life. Thirdly, we will study a branch of ethics termed “areteology”, in which the central claim is that certain traits of character (virtues) are essential for good behaviour. We also discuss how character has an influence on business leadership.




Tema 1. Què és la Ética

Tema 2. Integritat

Tema 3. Referències històriques

Tema 4.Fonaments d ela Ètica (I)

Tema 5. Fonaments de la Ètica (II)

 Tema 6. Acció humana i llibertat

Tema 7.  La Felicitat

Tema 8. Fortalesa i Temprança

Tema 9. Prudència y Judici Moral

Tema 10. Justícia i llei natural, drets humans

Tema 11. Virtuts intel·lectuals i presa de decisions

Tema 12. L'amistat i l'amor  

Tema 13. La veritat i la relació amb els altres

Tema 14. El mal menor i la cooperació al mal

Tema 15. Trascendència


Evaluation systems and criteria

In person

40% Work in the classroom and practical exercicies delivered

10% Partial exam

50% Final exam