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Final Degree Project

Final Degree Project
Second semester
Main language of instruction: Spanish

Teaching staff

For any queries related to the organization of FDP, students can turn to Felipe Alonso (falonso@uic.es).


The Final Degree Project (FDP) involves completing a professional journalistic information project.  

The FDP will be done is teams of 3-4 members, who will receive guidance from the supervisor assigned by the Faculty to each group, based on the characteristics of their project. 

Option 2, Academic Project: the project will involve researching a topic of interest in the field of Communication Sciences and will be done individually.

Pre-course requirements



To apply, integrate and develop the knowledge, skills and competences acquired during the degree.


  • 02 CG - The ability to learn and act an autonomously and responsibly
  • 03 CG - The ability to work in a group
  • 04 CG - The ability to organise time and workspace
  • 05 CG - The ability to develop an ethical attitude
  • 06 CG - The ability to read, analyze and synthesize
  • 07 CG - The ability to confront difficulties and resolve problems
  • 09 CG - The ability to innovate
  • 11 CG - Knowledge and mastery of different research resources
  • 15 CE - Lingustic ability in Catalan, Spanish and English
  • 16 CE - The ability to make judgments and well-argued critical assessments
  • 17 CE - The ability to produce spoken and written texts for journalistic projects
  • 19 CE - The ability to elaborate a budget for a journalistic project.
  • 20 CE - The ability to plan and carry out journalistic projects
  • 22 CE - The ability to critically analyze Spanish, European and World journalism.
  • 23 CE - The ability to contextualize and critically analyze mass media products
  • 26 CE - The ability to understand and apply the legal dimension of a journalistic product
  • 28 CE - The ability to understand and apply production and editing techniques for newspaper, radio, television and Internet
  • 29 CE - The ability to understand and apply different journalistic genres and formats
  • 30 CE - The ability to understand and apply the various stages of creation and implementation of a radio or television program
  • 48 CE - The ability of insight, ingenuity and creativity
  • 52 CE - The ability to adapt to changing circumstances

Learning outcomes

  • To work naturally and professionally in a radio studio or TV studio.

  • To have a command of video editing software, audio, web pages and graphics editing.

  • To be familiar with the resources necessary to launch a radio or television programme.

  • To be able to undertake online journalism or communication projects.

  • To know how to use graphic resources in journalism or communication projects.

  • To be able to design a specific type of radio or television programme in line with the structural reality of the sector.


The FDP will be divided into two phases: 6 ECTS that must be passed in the first semester, as part of the subject Design of Journalistic Projects; 6 ECTS in the second semester, as part of the subject Final Degree Project.

At the end of the subject Design of Journalistic Projects, students must submit a rough draft of their written report that includes the results of the documentation process carried out to:

Justify and develop the journalistic content of each product: relevance of the chosen topic, the sources that will be used, the need it aims to fill, the approach that will be taken...

Analyse the market that corresponds to the journalistic product and the target audience.

Define the business model that will ensure the viability of the product.

During the second semester, the students will develop the final product under the supervision of the project supervisors.

At the end of the second semester, the students will submit the final product and report and defend it before a panel of specialised professionals and scholars.

Teaching and learning activities

In person

Coaching. Monitoring how students learn the content of the subject, either individually or in groups. In the coaching sessions, mistakes will be corrected, queries answered, and exercises and activities to achieve the established objectives will be suggested. 6,0

Evaluation systems and criteria

In person

In the event a group fails the subject Design of Journalistic Projects, they must take the second sitting of this subject, which will take place one month after the first.

The FDP mark will be the sum of the following percentages:

Individual mark given by the supervisor of each FDP to each team member: 30%.

Overall mark of the FDP given by the panel members: 70%.

In the assessment performed by the panel (professional projects), both the final product and written report will be taken into consideration.