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Penal Law 1

Penal Law 1
First semester
Main language of instruction: Catalan

Other languages of instruction: Spanish,
If the student is enrolled for the English track then classes for that subject will be taught in the same language.


In the event that the health authorities announce a new period of confinement due to the evolution of the health crisis caused by COVID-19, the teaching staff will promptly communicate how this may effect the teaching methodologies and activities as well as the assessment.


  • 02 - To be familiar with and know how to interpret and apply current accounting standards.
  • 03 - To select and adequately apply applicable accounting alternatives.
  • 04 - To understand and know how to use financial terms within a business framework.
  • 05 - To understand the functions of corporate finance departments.
  • 11 - To be familiar with the main concepts and theories related to humanity and society.
  • 12 - To be familiar with the main concepts and theories of economic and business philosophy.
  • 14 - To be familiar with and understand the legal framework of trade law and be able to apply it in practical cases related to the business world.
  • 16 - To identify and understand the tax regulations which have the most direct impact on individuals and legal entities and know how to carry out settlements.
  • 17 - To be familiar with the mathematical models used to describe financial phenomena.
  • 18 - To provide mathematical models for financial phenomena.
  • 20 - To make decisions on resource optimisation using mathematical tools.
  • 23 - To be familiar with and know how to use microeconomic and macroeconomic analysis terminology.
  • 24 - To be able to carry out a financial, social and historical analysis of the environment in which a company operates.
  • 29 - To know what an information system is and its typology.
  • 30 - To be familiar with information systems models: relational databases and mis, dss, eis, crm, scm, bi, km, erp, bpms models.

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