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Corporate Communication

Corporate Communication
Second semester
Main language of instruction: Spanish

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This optional subject is a complement and extension of the subjects covered in the subject of Institutional Communication. That is, the contents will be complementary, without repetitions, but it will help to have taken Com. institutional to be able to better understand some of the subjects that will be covered in it.


This subject is conceived as a complement to the previous one. The main objectives are:

1. Know and discover the value of intangibles and their communication in an organization.

2. Reflect on the corporate reputation, the legal framework and the right to be forgotten on the Internet of a company

3. Discover and analyze the profile and characteristics of leadership in a company or organization.

4. To deepen in some Programs and tools of internal Communication and communication in times of crisis.

5. Learn to create and promote your personal brand.



Topic 1. From Identity to corporate Speach

1.1. Importance of communication in the construction of identity
1.2. Value of intangibles and creation of a brand.
1.3. Identity and Image
1.4. Elaboration of the corporate speech

Topic 2. Corporate leadership

2.1. Leadership concept. The connecting leader
2.2. Motivation and attitude: personal and collective
23. The Director of Communication (Dircom)

Topic 3. Internal communication

3.1. Definition and main tools of internal communication
3.2. Crisis communication

Topic 4. Corporate reputation

4.1. Definition, implications and measurement
4.2. Digital reputation
4.3. Legal framework, internet memory and the right to be forgotten
4.4. CSR / Sustainability

Topic 5. Personal branding

Teaching and learning activities

In person


* Master Classes: not only consist of the transmission of content or knowledge, but also in the approach to real cases of companies and institutions. Participation of attendees will be promoted through the presentation of opinions, arguments and proposals in a group context.

* Carrying out practices where theory and practice are combined.

* Meeting point. Meetings with professionals.