Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

Clinical Practice Implants

Clinical Practice Implants
Main language of instruction: English

Other languages of instruction: Catalan, Spanish

Teaching staff

Every Tuesday from 10:00 a.m. to 14:00 p.m.


This course is to put in practice on patients, the knowledge acquired during the lectures on surgical-implant treatment.

Pre-course requirements

DDS and to be a student of Master en Perioconcia UIC

Fluency in English


The aim of this course is to provide the student with the practical skills of performing implant surgeries in:

- Posterior areas.

- Anterior areas.

- Horizontal boen defects areas.

- Vertical bone defect areas.

Furthermore the student will be provided with the skills to perform bone and soft tissues augmentaion prodcedures.


Be able to:

-Make a correct surgical planning of the case.

-Prepare the operative field.

-Make a right premedication of the patient.

-Perform intraoperative photographs.

-Use surgical guides for implant placement.

-Know the medicines indicated for post-operative care of the patient.

-Control the intra-and postoperative complications.

Learning outcomes

To be able to make the correct proper diagnosis for an adequate implant planning.

To be able to implement the various surgical techniques of Oral Implantology as:

-flap design for implant placement.

-flap design techniques for performing bone and soft tissue augmentations.  

-place implants in the anterior region.

-place implants in the posterior region.

-perform horizontal and vertical bone augmentaion tecniques.

-perform alveolar crestal preservation techniques for subsequent implant placement presevación. 

-place implants simultaneously to augmentation techniques.

-To be able to treat intra and post-operative complications.

-To be able to indicate appropriate drugs for premedication of the patient.

-To be able to indicate appropriate drugs for post-operative care of the patient.


Diagnosis of the implatological patient through fotos, articulated casts, diagnostic wax-up, esthetic mock-up, radiological guides, 3D radiological study, surgical guides.

Treatment of the patient: bone and soft tissues augmentaion surgical procedures and implant placement using the surgical template. Periimplant plastic surgeries to improve the condition of soft tissues when required.

Pre and post-operative care.

Teaching and learning activities

In person

Treatment of patients in the clinic.

Evaluation systems and criteria

In person

Continuous assessment will be conducted according to the student's evolution and demanded requirements.