Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

Administrative Law II

Administrative Law II
Second semester
Main language of instruction: Catalan

Other languages of instruction: English, Spanish,
If the student is enrolled for the English track then classes for that subject will be taught in the same language.

Teaching staff

The teacher will be available all day to the student via email, medium, through which, the hours of dispatch will be arranged.


In the event that the health authorities announce a new period of confinement due to the evolution of the health crisis caused by COVID-19, the teaching staff will promptly communicate how this may effect the teaching methodologies and activities as well as the assessment.


  • 03 - To select and adequately apply applicable accounting alternatives.
  • 04 - To understand and know how to use financial terms within a business framework.
  • 11 - To be familiar with the main concepts and theories related to humanity and society.
  • 17 - To be familiar with the mathematical models used to describe financial phenomena.
  • 19 - To analyse quantitative financial variables and take them into account when making decisions.
  • 22 - To be able to identify the nature and behaviour of producers, consumers and investors.
  • 23 - To be familiar with and know how to use microeconomic and macroeconomic analysis terminology.
  • 24 - To be able to carry out a financial, social and historical analysis of the environment in which a company operates.

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