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Constuction of the Ephemeral Installation Llum BCN 2020

Constuction of the Ephemeral Installation Llum BCN 2020
First semester
Main language of instruction: Catalan

Other languages of instruction: English, Spanish,
If the student is enrolled for the English track then classes for that subject will be taught in the same language.

Teaching staff


In the event that the health authorities announce a new period of confinement due to the evolution of the health crisis caused by COVID-19, the teaching staff will promptly communicate how this may effect the teaching methodologies and activities as well as the assessment.

This is a subject that allows to put into practice the knowledge of architecture in the public space of Barcelona through practices of ephemeral architecture.

Each academic year varies the location and that is why each edition has different connotations and values to be transmitted, as well as constructive techniques to experiment with.

It is an unbeatable opportunity to participate in the BCN Light Festival through this real project in collaboration with the ICUB (Barcelona Institute of Culture) and the curator of the event, Maria Güell.

Pre-course requirements

Have undertaken project courses. Students from 3rd to 5th year.


Develop an architectural project, throughout the entire project process, until its execution, including the execution of the project itself at 1: 1 scale with the participation of all the students that attend the subject.

Learning outcomes

This is an eminently practical subject, in relation to the reality of ephemeral construction in a direct way, since the students are also responsible for developing the prototype, doing the search for suppliers, the relationship with the City Council, ICUB, and of the schedule of the execution of the installation, as well as of the control of the global budget so that it remains within the agreed price. All this process always with the tutoring of the teaching staff.


Give the student confidence to carry out projects through the practice and execution of a small scale project but of great impact, since it is a public space that is part of the LlumBcn Festival. At the same time, the realization with the materiality that offers the production of the element itself, brings the student closer to a constructive reality that will serve as a reference to any other scale of the architecture.


It is a very practical subject, the realization of prototypes in the workshop, search for solutions outside the classroom. The students will be accompanied in the proposals of prototyping and execution always looking for the consistency of the proposals.

Teaching and learning activities

In person

Attendance to all the sessions programmed by the teaching staff, including the installation and dismantling days of the installation. Throughout the whole design part and production process, examples of similar cases are shown that illustrate the way in which work is to be done and the results to which it is intended.

Evaluation systems and criteria

In person

Attendance to all the sessions programmed by the teaching staff, including the installation and dismantling days of the installation.

Each of the deadlines marked by the festival calendar that are known to the students, become a delivery and presentation of jobs and documents in half process that will be used for the subsequent evaluation of the subject.