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Management Topics 2

Management Topics 2
Second semester
Main language of instruction: English

Other languages of instruction: Catalan, Spanish,
If the student is enrolled for the English track then classes for that subject will be taught in the same language.

Teaching staff

Escriure un e/mail al Dr. David Tanganelli: databer@uic.es


In the event that the health authorities announce a new period of confinement due to the evolution of the health crisis caused by COVID-19, the teaching staff will promptly communicate how this may effect the teaching methodologies and activities as well as the assessment.

Management Topics 1 and 2 are taught entirely online. They are independent of each other: you can take Management Topics 2 without having done 1, and vice versa.

Pre-course requirements

Only students who carry out internships in the same academic year can enroll, and who lack 3 or 6 elective credits to finish the degree and present schedule incompatibility to take another face-to-face elective.


1. Acquire generic skills and knowledge of Business Administration and Management.
2. Self-manage time.
3. Ability to relate concepts from different subjects.


  • 53 - To acquire the skills necessary to learn autonomously.
  • 55 - To adopt good time management skills.
  • 61 - To develop skills for adapting to new situations.
  • 63 - To be able to analyse business related behaviour and decisions and evaluate them from an economic, social and ethical point of view.
  • 65 - To acquire the ability to put knowledge into practice.


Business and / or Economics topics according to the course chosen by the student and approved by the holder of the course.

Teaching and learning activities

In person

The student must take a MOOC course on the Coursera platform (coursera.org) that meets all the requirements described:

a) Be a course in the field of Business or Economics (language learning is excluded).

b) Minimum duration of the course of 28 hours. It is recommended to choose a course between 28-40h.

c) In English, Spanish or Catalan.

d) Offered by a University, Spanish or foreign.

e) That it is a course that has the possibility of obtaining a completion certificate.

f) The course selected by the student must have the explicit approval of the lecturer of the subject BEFORE STARTING IT.

If any of the above requirements is breached, the MOOC will not be considered valid, and the grade for the course will be “Not Presented”, regardless of whether a certificate of having done it is provided.


Evaluation systems and criteria

In person

To pass this subject:

These two requirements must be met simultaneously:

1. The student must present the certificate of having passed the MOOC course of the Coursera platform previously approved by the holder of the course, and that it meets the requirements established above. The Coursera certificate link has been sent to the responsible UIC professor. If one of these two elements is missing, the certificate is not considered to have been obtained. If the certificate is not obtained, the subject will not be able to be passed, and the grade will be "Not Presented".

2. Obtain a minimum grade of 5 on the course self-report.

The self-report is a work of between 6-8 written pages (1.5 spacing; Times font, size 12, margins 2cm. Per side) that develops the following points:

a) Summary of course content: maximum 2 pages.

b) What concepts / notions do you think are most relevant to you and why.

c) Statement of reasons in the choice of this specific course.

d) The generic assessment of your personal experience with the MOOC course taken.

e) With which subjects (not electives) of the ADE curriculum would you relate the MOOC course you have taken and how do you think the MOOC could support them.

The two documents must be delivered through the Moodle platform (hang up) at the latest on the day and time scheduled for the subject: May 28, 2021 at 2:00 p.m. If one of the documents is missing, the subject will be graded as "Not Presented". Outside this period, no delivery will be attended.

Final grade for the course:

For the preparation of the final grade for the course, two elements will be assessed: the certificate of the MOOC course carried out, provided that it meets the established requirements; and the self-report.

Weight of the certificate of the MOOC course taken: 40% of the final grade, provided that the self-report is passed.

The certificate of having passed the course and the corresponding coursera link of the certificate must be provided.

This achieves 40 points (out of 100), provided the self-report is passed.

Weight of the self-report: 60% of the final grade.

-The self-report is valued between 0 and 10 points, and has a weight of 60% of the final grade.

-In case of suspending the self-report, the subject cannot be passed, and the final grade will be that of the suspended self-report or "Not Presented", without taking into account the points of the certificate.

The final grade, out of 100 points, will be drawn up as follows, provided that the self-report grade is equal to or greater than 5 and the Coursera certificate for the course has been obtained:

40 + (self-report grade x 6) = Final grade


40 + (6 x 6) = 76

40 + (8 x 6) = 88


Second call:

The second call is for those students who have not obtained the MOOC certificate or have completed a MOOC not previously authorized by the subject holder or have failed the aoutoreport or have not submitted it.

To pass the second call, the student must take another MOOC course that ends within the examination period of the second call, with the same requirements and evaluation system as those described for the first call. That is, it is necessary again the prior approval of the holder of the subject before starting the MOOC course, and follow the same course requirements established for the first call.

The preparation of the final grade follows the same procedure as in the first call with the exception that the maximum mark that can be obtained in the second call will be 70 points (7 out of 10).

Bibliography and resources

Consultar: Coursera.org

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