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Site Management

Site Management
Second semester
ESARQ Module
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Main language of instruction: Spanish

Other languages of instruction: Catalan, English,

Teaching staff

During the course, the teacher will deal with students’ questions or concerns at the time and day established at the beginning of the course, but always subject to prior appointment. Questions and concerns can also be sent to the teacher’s email address sutrias@uic.es at the University. 


This is an optional subject aimed at providing a direct insight into the construction process through visits to various construction sites.

Pre-course requirements

To qualify for taking this course, students should have passed the following courses: Construction 1, Construction 2, Construction 3 and Construction 4.

In addition, enrolled students must have their own camera and equipment to comply with current Health and Safety regulations for construction sites. This equipment consists of a white construction helmet, reflective yellow vest and officially approved footwear for site visits. 


The objectives of the course are on the one hand to learn about the site management process and on the other to learn about construction by watching it in situ.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, students will be expected to know about the structuring and the processes that take place during the execution of a project, the role of the project or site manager, and which other professionals are involved and their roles and responsibilities.


Introduction to the course: “Project Management” and “Health and Safety on Building Sites”

The participants in Project Management.

Site Visit 1

Analysis and practical application of SV1

Site Visit 2

Analysis and practical application of SV2

Site Visit 3

Analysis and practical application of SV3

Site Visit 4

Roundtable discussion with different participants in the Project Management.

Public presentation of practical work

Teaching and learning activities

In person

The course includes both theory and practical sessions. The theory part of the course provides knowledge for understanding the site management process and information that determines the site visit.

The main activity is a guided visit of several construction sites where, along with the architect who is acting as the project/site manager, students will be able to see the various construction processes in action.

The practical part of the course consists of producing a photographic report during the site visit, concentrating on the construction solutions being used, and then afterwards going into detail of the construction based on this report. 

Evaluation systems and criteria

In person

Given the nature of the course, failure to attend the scheduled site visits will result in an automatic fail grade. Therefore the evaluation criteria will include attendance at site visits as well as the grade for the practical assignments.

Bibliography and resources


Specialized magazine


Specialized magazine