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Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

Research Protocol

Research Protocol
Main language of instruction: English

Other languages of instruction: Catalan, Spanish

Teaching staff

TFM Committee Members/ Dr Lissethe Peñate 


Module 3 comprises the research protocol and the final project work. This module represents around half of the ECTS credits for the Master’s, as it encompasses the majority of the necessary skills to get started in the field of research and comprehensively assess the necessary skills to subsequently undertake a doctoral program.

During the first semester of the Master’s, this module consolidates the principles of scientific methodology for the design of a research project leading to the final dissertation (8 ECTS credits). During the second semester, the student exercises methodological skills that will enable them to perform the practical part of the research, actively developing the final project work (16 ECTS credits).

Pre-course requirements



Develop a protocol for in vitro research, clinically or experimentally approved by the relevant committees according to the characteristics of each protocol.

Learning outcomes of the subject

The / student:

1. Design a research protocol based on the scientific method.

2. Correctly write up the introduction, rationale, objectives, assumptions, state of the question, materials and methods of the research protocol of their final project work.

3. Defend the project in English vis-a-vis a committee expert in dentistry research protocol.

Submit for the relevant ethical approvals within the administrative timeframe provided.


Research Protocol: The final project work is performed under the supervision of the research supervisor. During the first half of the Master’s, students will carry out a literature search on a specific health problem, identify a relevant research question, formulate a hypothesis and define the objectives of their work in order to master and develop the methodological design with the appropriate work plan to address the hypothesis.

Teaching and learning activities


Methodology: TRB

Training activities: TFM, TUT

Evaluation systems and criteria


EC (10%) (Participation in the online forum)

RC (40%) (Research protocol elaboration process)

PFE (50%) (Research project)